Prizes, oh, we’ll have some great prize drawings! Check back here for updated photos of prizes we’ll offer at Las Cruces UkeFest 2022 as they come in. Thanks to our instructors and generous sponsors for donating great items you’ll want to win! Each festival attendee will receive one drawing ticket with registration and more will be available for purchase. Prizes will be drawn Saturday afternoon and you must be present to win. Each attendee receives one ticket, then additional tickets will be available to purchase for 5 for $5 or 15 for $10. All proceeds help underwrite the expense of the festival!

Las Cruces Ukulele

One of the most coveted prizes each year is the hand-built and painted Las Cruces Ukulele, a collaboration between boB Hull and Marie Hughey.

Aloha Shirt from a Real Man

This beautiful XL embroidered Aloha shirt was donated by a Real Man in Mesilla. It can be exchanged for a different shirt and the store is open Sunday.

From the Mood Swings: Dani Joy and Perry Stauffer

One month of online Starlight Ukulele Academy lessons.

Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho Vintage Album Collection

Win a one-of-a-kind treasure trove ʻukulele gems! Priceless and sentimental, this is a selection of CDs that span Daniel’s ʻukulele beginnings of no longer in print and hard-to-find recordings that include solo releases and collaborations. Musical-listening bliss for days! 

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt has donated two concert ukuleles, model OU2-A. This satin-finish mahogany ukulele offers a lively, full body that resonates with sparkling highs and warm lows. This wonderful instrument provides a rich welcome to the love of playing a ukulele!


Ohana has donated three adorable Keiki sopranino ukuleles. The Keiki® series represents a new generation of colorful, playful, spirited instruments from the Ortega family. Engraved with a sea turtle, these little Ukes are tuned A-D-F#-B.

Del Rey and Casey MacGill

Del Rey plays ukulele and sings with Steve James (bottleneck guitar), Matt Weiner (bass), Craig Flory (clarinet), Hans Teuber (clarinet), Jo Miller (guitar/vox), Dom Turner (guitar) and Lani Kurnik (guitar) on this 2008 CD she has donated to our drawing. We’ll bundle this with a CD donated by Casey MacGill!

Joe Seltzer Great Rhythm Pack

Percussionist Joe Seltzer has donated his book and his Great Rhythm class!

In Great Rhythm, Joe guides the musician through the basics of reading rhythm one step at a time. Users have raved about the simplicity and effectiveness of the course and how it helped them make meaningful daily progress on this essential skill for all musicians. They developed: “really strong, personal sense of beat, no matter the tempo or the rhythm. I also understand the difference between those 3 ideas! Just great!”

You’ll get FREE access to clinician Joe Seltzer’s course Great Rhythm, including the printed book and free access to all accompanying online material.

Valued at $199.

Hubbard’s Music-n-More

Our good friends at Hubbard’s Music in Las Cruces have donated a Cherub WST-640C+ tuner, The Daily Ukulele, and an Ohana SK-Kit (soprano kit), for a value of $140. We’re adding a one-of-a-kind Las Cruces UkeFest 2022 tote bag!

Ol’ Gringo Salsa Gift Box

We’ll also have a mouth-watering assortment of Southwest goodies from local salsa pros, Ol’Gringo!