Rachel Manke


Rachel Manke has been called one of the brightest stars in the ukulele universe, and loves sharing her astounding technique and beautiful singing with audiences young and old. She has appeared on stages that range from the Ashokan Uke Fest and Funky Frets Uke Fest, to Garrison Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion.

Rachel started in the late 90’s on a $25 Hilo soprano and came to the uke world via the founders of the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum. She first studied with Joel Eckhaus, directly learning from the well known student of the famed Roy Smeck. Ever since, she has continued to learn and perform, and is now a respected teacher as well. She has a penchant for Tin Pan Alley, old-time music, and is a master of the old-school uke chord solo flourish.

Rachel lives in Richmond, VA. If you want to know more about her….well that’s what Google is for.

Does Rachel have a CD? Yes! Her first album, “Other Duties As Assigned,” is available through ElderlyCD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.  

What does Rachel play?
Sopranissimo: Ohana O’niño
​Sopranino: Ohana SK – 21
Sopranos:  Earnest Mainlander, Glyph Ukelenco, 1950’s Martin 0, Firefly banjo uke, Ohana SK-75R

Concert: Ohana, CK-70G, Ohana CK-38
​Tenor: Outdoor Ukulele
Baritone: Ohana BK-70