John Bartlit


John Bartlit is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and life-long New Mexican.  He has spent decades as a classical percussionist, composer, teacher, accompanist with professional dance companies, and producer. For the past 30 years, he has primarily made his living as a jazz drummer whose talents richly enhance the performances of other musicians, however, this does not begin to describe the phenomenon that is John. A comic and musical virtuoso, he has been known to flawlessly play bass, drums, glockenspiel, and kazoo at the same time, and is the guiding force behind Sküumbaag (the heavy-metal vaudeville sensation). He is as skilled with an electric guitar as he is a church organ, his xylophone chops are mind-blowing, and you haven’t lived till you’ve heard him play the saw.

John took up ukulele about 30 years ago and is recording an album of epic qualities. As a teacher, his palpable joy is infectious. You will leave his classes in awe and inspired.